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Receives -50% damage from melee attacks.

List of Beast Monsters
Monster Talents
Bat Flying, Venom
Hound Rend
Howler Brutal Attack, Double Strike
King Kobra Venom x 2


Immune to Life Drain, Poisoned, Bleeding, and mental effects such as Demoralized and Disoriented.

List of Construct Monsters
Monster Talents
Animus Clockwork, Mounting Anger, Evasive Manouvers
Golem Golem, Mighty Blow
Golem Bowler Golem, Mighty Blow
Sentry Clockwork
Guardian Clockwork, Death Curse, Mighty Blow
Elemental Retaliate, Overpower
Sulfuron Ignite, Mighty Blow, Fire Walker
Watcher Clockwork, Dodge x 2


Bonus when attacking in one direction.

List of Cyclops Monsters
Monster Talents
Cyclops Mighty Blow
Cyclops Archer Sniper x2
Cyclops Mage Brutal Attack
Cyclops Elementalist Rend


Demons gain Impenetrable Shield at the start of turn, if it does not already have one.

List of Demon Monsters
Monster Talents
Devil Mightyblow
Fiend Immovable
Fire Devil FireWalker, Ignite
Imp Flying


Immune to Life Drain, Poisoned, Bleeding, and physical restrictions such as Slowed and Immobilized. Ignores Rubble, Water and Lava.

List of Ethereal Monsters
Monster Talents
Ghost Ghost, Doomed
Wisp Wisp, Dodge, Overpower
Spirit -
Living Sand Stunning Strike x 2


+25% Attack bonus while on full health.

List of Goblinoid Monsters
Monster Talents Boss Talents
Orc -
Orc Brutalizer Double Strike, Fortify, Brutal Attack
Orc Captain Captain, Cardinal Parry
Goblin -
Goblin Assassin Focus x 2, Prepare Attack
Ogre Mighty Blow
Orc Archer -
Orc Shaman Healer
Orc Mage -
Giant Lumbering Mighty Blow x 2


Receives -50% damage from attacks from the four cardinal directions: North, South, East and West.

List of Insect Monsters
Monster Talents
Giant Ant -
Beetle Mighty Blow
Mantis Double Strike
Centipede Poison Resistance, Lumbering
Hive Mother Majesty, Lumbering, Poison Resistance
Scorpion Sting, Venom
Weaver Poison Resistance, Poison Cloud, Venom
War Weaver Poison Resistance, Demoralizing Strike, Venom
Widow Poison Resistance


Receives -50% damage from diagonal attacks.

List of Troll Monsters
Monster Talents
Brawler Prepare Attack, Flank
Coatl Flying, Prepare Attack, Regrowth
Ankylos Immovable, Melee Defense, Mighty Blow x 2


Recovers 10% health per Sylvan ally on the battlefield in the beginning of their turn.

List of Troll Monsters
Monster Talents
Dryad Whirlwind x 3, Magic Defense
Rotten Tree Lumbering, Curse x2, Overpower
Poison Ivy Venom
Treant Mounting Anger, Immovable, Lumbering


Regenerates +33% of Defense in the beginning of turn.

List of Troll Monsters
Monster Talents
Troll Mighty Blow x2


Immune to Life Drain, Poisoned and Bleeding.

List of Troll Monsters
Monster Talents
Skeletal Warrior Skeletal
Lich Skeletal
Mummy Withering Touch
Vampire Vampire, Backstab
Wraith Silencing Strike, Death Curse, Support

Non Categorized[]

These monsters don't have a specific type, nor trait attached to them.

List of Uncategorized Monsters
Monster Talents
Abomination Lumbering, Mighty Blow
Centaur Savage, Diagonal Parry x 2, Rend
Crippling Crawler Hamstring, Mighty Blow
Crone Disorienting Strike
Dodo Water Walker, Prepare Attack x 2, Brutal Attack
Fire Fly Flying, Ignite, Dodge
Manticore Flying, Diagonal Parry
Naga Water Walker, Venom, Poison Cloud
Needler Double Strike, Brutal Attack x 2
Nymph Whirlwind
Pixie Flying, Savage
Spellbinder Death Curse, Spellbinding, Magic Defense
Sphinx Lumbering, Rend, Curse
Tentacle Hamstring, Lumbering