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Heroic battles are harder battles that appear regularly, but for a limited time. You can obtain equipment from the chest stages. A new heroic event usually starts every 3 days, but there have been exceptions where they start more often.

There are currently 10 Heroic stages split into Tier 1 and Tier 2. Tier 1 can give Magic, Epic or Mythic equipment. Tier 2 can give Gold, Epic, Mythic or Legendary equipment. Each heroic gives different types of equipment. Amulets are not found in Heroic stages. See either Dragonspire, Titans, Special Events or the shop during Rainbow and Chrome Rushes.

Heroic Reward Level req Notes
Feast of the Goblin King Weapons 20 Tier 1
Crypt of the Witherer Off-hand Items for melee heroes 25 Tier 1
Big Dreams Off-hand items for magic-using and ranged heroes 28 Tier 1
The Scheming Seer Rings 30 Tier 1
The Spirit of Rotwood Headgear 31 Tier 1
Army of the Artificer Armor 33 Tier 1
The Jarl under the Mountain Armor and headgear 45 Tier 2
Sepulcher of the Decay Mother Weapons, off-hand and rings 50 Tier 2
Revel of the Fairy Queen Rings ? Tier 2
Lord of the Wildfire Armor ? Tier 2

Tier 1 heroics provide magic, epic and mythic equipment. Tier 2 heroics provide gold, epic, mythic and legendary eqipment.


The developers rewarded everyone for the first person to achieve 3-crowns and share a video of the battle. A list is below of the achievements.

Heroic 3-crown no restriction


Claimed by Discord User 3-crown with restriction video Restriction and Claimed by Discord User
Goblin King Melee only. Kondzio2o
Crypt of the Witherer 1*-3* heros only, Littlewoodge
Scheeming Seer Only 2 Classes. Morotti
Big Dream Only orcs,


Rotwood Bonk Blue only.


Army of the Artificer Bonk No Support (heal, druid, paladin, monk). Kami
Wildfire Kami

No 5* hero.


Sepulcher of the Decay Mother Thar No Light heroes. Littlewoodge
Jarl under the Mountain Bonk Dark only.


Faerie Queen

Asethos Not published yet

Feast of the Goblin King[]

A Tier 1 Heroic for obtaining Weapons.

All monsters have horde (10% attack per unit with Horde including self)

The Goblin King is a Big Green Goblinoid Cardinal Melee charge (2) attacker with skills:

  • Goblinoid
  • Double Strike
  • Devour tick
  • Vulnerable to bleeding
  • Mighty Blow

The Goblin King's combination of Double Strike and Mighty Blow means that he can hit a Hero, force them back (even Heroes with Immovable) and then move and hit the next closest hero.

A good team to take includes:

  • defensive hero that can withstand some hits from the Goblin King.
  • Magic users, especially with diagonal attack pattern to kill many normal enemies. On the boss stage, kill the small enemies behind the boss to reduce his attack bonus and prevent him being healed.
  • healers to support defensive heroes.

A good strategy for the the boss is to make a column of heroes, headed by a defender to make sure the boss doesn't move. Then use ranged/magic attackers to attack from a distance.

Crypt of the Witherer[]

A tier 1 heroic for obtaining Off-hand Items for melee heroes.

All green enemies gain Withering Touch

The Skeletal Giant is a big green charge 8-way melee lumbering attacker with skills:

  • Undead
  • Skeletal
  • Lumbering
  • Water walker
  • Mighty blow

The Skeletal Giant can wither multiple units in one turn.

A good strategy for the the boss is to block the boss from moving with a column of units headed by a high HP unit (preferably Wildheart) and heal the unit each stage. Use magic attackers to kill the small enemies behind.

The Green Lich Azerak is a big green tactician (2) cardinal magic attacker with skills:

  • Lumbering
  • Skeletal
  • Undead
  • life drain

A good strategy for the the boss is to have 2 columns of units avoiding the bosses lumbering attacks and diagonally hitting her.

A good team to take includes:

  • 2 Healers to heal up if you get hit by withering touch.
  • Monks to self heal after
  • diagonal (magical) attackers to hit shielded imps and, preferably, magic to avoid skeletal damage reduction.
  • Magic attackers to avoid the reduction of skeletal enemies to ranged attackers.
  • A unit with Wither Resistance (Wildheart)*

*This heroic was tested by the developers without using Wildheart and should be completable using normal units.

Big Dreams[]

A tier 1 heroic for obtaining Off-hand items for magic-using and ranged heroes

The small dreamers cannot be harmed until the big monsters are killed

Allmother is a big green unpredictable melee diagonal attacking insect with skills:

  1. Immune to all debuffs except bleed.

Centipede is a big green unpredicatble ranged cardinal attacking insect with skills:

  1. Poison resistance
  2. Lumbering

Giant is a big green charge cardinal melee attacker with skills:

  1. Goblinoid
  2. Lumbering
  3. Mighty blow
  4. Mighty blow

Tentacle is a big blue tactician cardinal ranged attacker with skills:

  1. Hamstring
  2. Lumbering

Warweaver is a big light unpredictable cardinal melee attacker with skills:

  1. insect
  2. Poison resistance
  3. Demoralising strike
  4. Poison

Dreamer is a small blue charge cardinal magic attacker with skills:

  1. Asleep (cannot be harmed while big monsters are alive)
  2. Curse strike
  3. Immune to all debuffs
  4. Immovable

A good team to take includes:

  • Healers to remove 2 layers of curse.
  • 8-way attackers to hit enemies diagonally (insects reduce cardinal damage by 50%

A good strategy for the the boss is to attack it and use one unit to be hit by the dreamer. Your first two units will be placed between multiple enemies. Either make sure they are strong enough to kill the monsters or strong enough to survive multiple hits. Try not to use a unit with hamstring to move.

The Scheming Seer[]

A Tier 1 Heroic for obtaining Rings.

All monsters have immovable.

The Grand Vizier Oculus is a unpredictable (2) big light mage attacker with skills:

  1. Cyclops
  2. Lumbering Start
  3. Vulnerability Bleeding
  4. Mighty Blow
  5. Brutal Attack

Cyclops for a big enemy works differently to a small enemy where you need to be on 2 sides of the enemy to prevent the cyclops buff. For a big enemy you can have heroes on one side, but both squares to prevent the cyclops buff.

The Grand Vizier Oculus combination of Mighty Blow and a lava map means that a hero can easily be knocked into the lava if positioned between the boss and the lava. The boss's unpredictable movement mean you do not know where they will move to.

A good team to take includes:

  • 2 Healers
  • Ranged attackers to hit and prevent cyclops to multiple enemies.
  • High HP attackers.
  • Units with Immovable (green) or stunning (red) strike. Even Silencing (blue) strike can be useful for mages, but be careful of the enemies strong against your chosen colour.
  • A lava walker hero

A good strategy for the the boss is to use a hero to kill one cyclops mage and prevent the boss trapping you in the starting position. Heroes with Dodge will prevent the boss's Mighty Blow from knocking you into the lava. After 3 turns, the boss will lose lumbering and will move unpredictably before attacking. Try to reduce the bosses range movement or kill within 4 turns.

Army of the Artificer[]

A tier 1 heroic for obtaining armor.

All constructs gain Brutal haste after 3 ticks. Brutal hasted includes moving an extra square each turn, gaining 25% brutal attack and becoming immovable.

The Master Artificer Grimdark is a big unpredictable dark 8-way melee attacker with skills:

  1. Immune to all debuffs
  2. Burning Rage (gains ignite and double blind rage when HP is less than 33% of defence)
  3. Brutal attack
  4. Brutal attack
  5. Fire Walker

Grimdark is hard to stall against because of his 50% brutal attack. He is also unpredictable. Below 33% HP, Grimdark is even more dangerous.

A good team to take includes:

  • High HP units or high attack units.
  • Heroes with diagonal ranged attack to break shields.
  • Heroes with construct killer.

A good strategy for the boss is to use a combination of cardinal and diagonal ranged attackers to kill the boss quickly. A defensive unit can be placed to either block or divert the bosses movement away from the weaker attackers. The sub bosses are dark constructs so heroes with construct killer are useful.

The Spirit of Rotwood[]

A Tier 1 Heroic for obtaining Weapons.

All blue monsters have malady (50% chance not to attack - like permanent disorientation)

The Spirit of Rotwood is a big green unpredictable (2) 8-way magic attacker with skills:

  • Sylvan
  • Ethereal (move over water and rubble)
  • Brutal attack?
  • Prepared
  • Prepared

TSoR has penetrating attack and brutal attack to wear down heroes over time.

Rotten Trees are big green (or blue) charge (1) 8-way melee attackers with skills:

  • Sylvan
  • Lumbering
  • Curse
  • Curse
  • Overpower

The Rotten Trees are easy if you can hit them from a distance, but very hard if they get close. Blue versions suffer malady.

A good team to take includes:

  • 2 Healers
  • Defender without dodge to prevent Rotten Trees from moving. Or immobilise from green units.
  • Strong ranged/magic attackers to reduce tree HP before they gain too much rage.
  • Heroes with brutal attack to reduce the tree's regeneration.
  • Hero with poison resistance help against poison Ivy.
  • Red princess can help with killing green enemies.
  • Blue enemies only hit 50% of the time so Red can be an effective colour.

A good strategy for the bosses is to use high attack heroes with brutal attack to reduce their regeneration. Red teams or Green teams with a red princess work well. Bringing an off-colour red damage dealer can also work.

Kill all the small enemies first to reduce the regeneration of all monsters.

The Revel of the Faerie Queen[]

A Tier 2 Heroic for obtaining Rings.

All monsters have protective harmony (50% reduced damage from heroes of the same colour)

The King Faerie is unpredictable (4) normal light cardinal melee attacker with skills:

  1. Stasis Shield
  2. Bulwark (max. 10% def. per attack)
  3. Vulnerability Poison
  4. Double strike
  5. Internal bleeding
  6. Dodge (fairy trait)
  7. ?? immovable

The Queen Faerie is unpredictable (4) normal light cardinal magic attacker with skills:

  1. Stasis Shield
  2. Bulwark (max. 10% def. per attack)
  3. Vulnerability Poison
  4. Double strike
  5. Dazzle (remove parries)
  6. Dodge (fairy trait)
  7. ?? immovable

The King and Queen present many problems for the player to solve. You cannot box-in the king because he will get stasis shield (sometimes he will not move anyway and he will get it) and you cannot harm him for a turn. Each hero hit is limited to 10% of maximum HP so high attack units are less effective. The king debuffs you with Internal Bleeding which is only reduced between stages so can quickly add up to 30% HP per turn.

A good team to take includes:

  • 2 Healers
  • Defender to draw Fairy Knight brutal attacks away from weaker units.
  • healer/Warlock to make fairies dodge into magic attackers pattern.
  • Hero with venom/poison for bosses.
  • 8-way attacker to kill fairies agaisnt a wall and to predictably force fairies to move to a specific row/column.
  • Rogue to tumble enemies into position.
  • Bleed resistant heroes (Lyra, Emory, Wrathborn, Thargor, etc)
  • Blue > Red > Green > Dark = Light units (with off-colour poison).

A good strategy for the boss is to use a rogue (or other 8-way attacker) to make the boss dodge into a specific row or column where they will then be hit by a unit with Venom. Units with bleed resistance can be placed closer to the boss to reduce the likelyhood of others receiving internal bleeding. When fighting both King and Queen it is best to kill the King First to reduce the amount if internal bleeding received.

Light units do half damage and have no unit with poison. Dark units suffer much more damage in general especially from Fairy Knights brutal attacks. Red has no poison. Green struggles with Tree protective harmony but have poison. Blue are weak to trees, but have poison.

Light and red heroes are best supported with a venom/poison unit.

Dark heroes are best supported with Wrathborne/Thargor for bleed resistance and Tristan/Dracyian for chromatic barrier to reduce brutal attack of Fairie knights.

Green are best supported with a red high attack unit to kill trees.

Blue can survive best if you have enough attack to kill trees before they surround you.

Sepulcher of the Decay Mother[]

A Tier 2 Heroic for obtaining weapons and off-hand items.

All units apart from big enemies (bosses) suffer decay. Lose 10% HP and 1% def per turn.

Algea, The decay mother is a big dark tactician (1) 8-way magic attacker with skills:

  • Undead
  • Skeletal
  • Withering Touch
  • Time Limit/ Cataclysmic Rage 15 turns before 1000% attack boost.
  • Double strike
  • Weakening Attack? - halves attack damage o heroes when hitting heroes. Does not affect healing.

Algea has withering touch, penetrating damage, double strike and 8-way attack meaning she can apply wither to many units easily.

  • 2 Healers (healer class for lingering heal) to out-heal decay.
  • Strong magic attackers to kill boss (skeletal reduces ranged damage 50%)
  • Strong attacker to kill gargoyles.

A good strategy is to ensure that healers are out of the way of possible attack by Algea and healing those who might get hit so that lingering heal applies after withering touch. Algea's attack is so low that most heroes can survive her attack with just lingering heal.

Use the map features (walls) to hide from Algea's attacks. She is a tactician so be careful as she will move to hit the most enemies.

Light has many good heroes with undead killers and they are get colour bonus against the boss.

The Jarl Under the Mountain[]

A Tier 2 Heroic for obtaining Headgear.All melee heroes have Rage (Blue trolls block magic).Blue heroes are easiest to use to beat Grar because of their +50% colour advantage damage. Green heroes excel at the earlier stages, without Grar, because of their immobilising strike and mighty blow (Cassandra/Juniper, or Richard/Willow). Notable heroes include Greymoon, Xaart, Sandor, Coralgrin and other rogues, pirates and assassins. Magic users are not very useful (except Elethas with 2 or more mighty blow to delay trolls). Ranged units are useful for killing howlers, but pirates are very slot efficient.The Keeper of Fate - Big green tactician cardinal magic attacker

  1. Lumbering start
  2. Water Walker
  3. Three sips of Mead (weakening poison for 3 turns)
  4. Vulnerability Poison and Bleeding
  5. Time is up (gains mighty rage after 3 ticks)Weakening poison reduces your damage by 50% for the whole stage. Magic attack means that all heroes in a the attack pattern will be hit.A good team involves:
  • A healer
  • A druid to reduce the effect of brutal attack on your heroes.
  • High HP units to block trolls for 3 turns.A good strategy is delay for 3 turns and avoid your attacking heroes being hit by weakening poison to prevent the 50% damage and healing reduction. The boss is tactician movement so might move downwards if there is space. Try to use the trolls to block the boss’s attack and movement for 3 turns. After 3 turns, try to kill the boss.Grar, The Jarl under the mountain - Big red unpredictable melee cardinal attacker
  1. Troll
  2. Challenge (buffs heroes with 2 mighty rage when damaging them)
  3. Brutal attack
  4. Brutal attack
  5. Debuff immunity
  6. Mighty Blow
  7. Terminal Velocity (gains a tick or swaps 4 ticks for extra move)Grar has high attack with 50% brutal and high HP. He regenerates 33% of def as HP each turn. He moves unpredictably.A good team involves melee attackers that can survive being hit by Grar. When hit by Grar a melee attacker gets a 200% attack buff. This can be applied multiple times. Melee attackers with 8-way attack can hit Grar 2 times per turn.
  • 8-way melee attacker with high enough HP to be survive being hit by Grar (Rogues/Pirates)
  • High attack melee unit (assassin)
  • A ranged or magic unit to kill Howlers (beast -50% from melee heroes)
  • A strong attacker to kill dragons (-50% from diagonal attacks)A good strategy is use high HP melee units to get hit by Grar to boost their attack. If the hero can survive multiple hits then they will get extra buffs. Heal your unit between receiving subsequent attacks from Grar. Use more than one melee hero so that one can be hit (and buffed) while the other is being healed. Attack Grar with all of your units to kill him in single turn. Avoid your melee attackers being hit by too many Howlers as they have brutal attack and will reduce your ability to defeat the boss. Even defenders can be useful attackers with a mighty rage stacked.Other strategies include using a druid to reduce damage taken so you can receive more mighty rage from Grar (but solo druids will take longer to heal back to receive the next attack). Or using Brutal attackers to reduce Grar maximum HP in conjunction with a Gold Ascended Defender to stop Grar hitting weaker units. It is difficult to stall Grar because his attack is very high.

Lord of the Wildfire[]

A tier 2 heroic for obtaining armor.

The Lord of the Wildfire is a big light unpredictable 8-way melee attacker with skills:

  1. Demon (shield each turn)
  2. poison resistance
  3. bleed resistance
  4. lumbering start
  5. unstoppable
  6. quake (15% HP damage, move all heroes 1 square randomly)
  7. Fire walker

The lord of the wildfire is tough enemy because he is a different colour to all preceding bosses and uses quake at the end of each turn to move your heroes on the map, potentially putting them in lava. Immovable nor Dodge prevent quake.

A good team includes:

  • An immovable hero to prevent mobs mighty blowing you into the lava
  • 2 healers.
  • Bleed resistant hero to take a hit from a war demon and shed the internal bleeding.
  • A diagonal attacker to break shields and wear down dragons
  • A high attack ranged hero to kill dragons, war demons and the bosses.

A good strategy is use one or 2 high attack ranged heroes (typically archers) to kill the mini bosses. The lord of the wildfire needs to be killed in four turns or he will swap from lumbering to normal movement before attacking. Ranged attackers are good to avoid his melee attack. Position your units so that they are less likely to be quaked into the lava. It is better to be hit by a war demon that swim in lava. Unless you have a fire walker, only one unit per turn can act outside of lava (units in lava on their turn will try to get onto land). Units in lava for 2 turns from 100% HP will die without healing.