Friends and Dragons Wiki

You'll find heroes in your possession in your barracks. Each character has different pages.

Hero Main Page

Elements upper left: Color - Tooltip shows which color this character is strong against Type - At the Moment you only can gather heroes (Deals +25% Damage randomly Species - Every species has a different advantag Leader Bonus (Color) Leader Bonus (Species)

Elements upper right: Class Attack Type and Pattern Support Type and Pattern (if applicable) Flavor Text (if applicable) Merge Screen

Beneath the hero illustration: - Talent row - Level - Unlock talent button - Ai - Base Attack - Defense - Health

Level Up Button

Hero Gear Page

Beneath the hero illustration Gear Slots

Ascend Button

Hero Merge Page

Here you can merge duplicates of your hero together. 4* and 5* get to choose a talent.

The higher the merge level, the more choices there are