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21st April 2022 : At the moment, the game is in a process of balancing.

Steps included:

  • Flattening the Player XP curve
  • Easening the Level Up Costs for heroes
  • Reevaluating some Talents, which will lead to small Stat Boosts/Nerfs
Therefore some info is alterted in game and update to the wiki is expected, when the devs give us greenlight and provide us with the new values
Welcome to the Friends and Dragons Wiki
Player community wiki for Friends and Dragons, an epic hero puzzle RPG.

Here we try to provide you with every information about this game. Feel free to contribute.
Also, this wiki is mainly used by mobile users. When editing, make sure the layout stays as visually correct as possible mainly for mobile interface, but also make sure it's readable on computer devices.

Quick reminder : Broken links should be considered as ToDo-List.
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Ideas of articles that are needed:

  • Push and tumble strategy guide
  • Leader bonuses guide
  • Color advantage guide
  • How to best spend your gems in the early game
  • How to record gameplay video with sound and voice narration
  • Dragonspire tips and tricks
  • Class strategy starter guide: usage, strengths, potential weaknesses, certain game areas of shine

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