Friends and Dragons Wiki


I am out of Energy (yellow) but want to play more. How do I get more?[]

Energy recharges over time (see the Inn). You can also purchase more at the Shop under the Resources tab.  This is also where you trade Energy Potions for more Energy.

I am out of Co-op Energy (purple) but want to play more co-op. How do I get more?[]

Co-op Energy is granted via quest rewards.  You can also purchase more at the Shop under the Resources tab.  This is also where you trade Co-op Energy Potions for more Co-op Energy.

Where can I use the Energy Potions (yellow) or Co-op Energy Potions (purple)?[]

Go to Shop -> Resources


Check out the Ascensions page for more details!

What is Ascension about?[]

Ascension is a way to make heroes more powerful, but comes at a cost.  Ascending a hero consumes all of the gear on them and resets to half their current level, rounded up.  It also increases their base stats and adds an additional Talent, which is unlocked with Silver Talent Tokens.  Finally, an Ascended hero's maximum level is increased from 75 to 85 (or your current player level, whichever is lower).

How do I Ascend a hero?[]

The Ascension button is under the Gear tab of a Hero's details page.  You'll also find any unmet requirements needed to Ascend this hero, including: minimum hero level, minimum Armory level, a reminder that all gear slots must be filled, and how much gold you'll need to spend.  If you have already met the requirement, it will not be listed at all. 

When should I Ascend a hero?[]

There is a tradeoff if you spend XP to raise a hero above it's minimum Ascension level: you'll get a more powerful hero to use in the near term, but if you eventually Ascend them, there is no difference between heroes who ascend at their minimum level vs some higher level.

What's special about 1-star heroes and Ascension?[]

1-star heroes need only three gear slots filled instead of the usual six.  The Amulet slot is among those not needed.


How do I create a Guild?[]

You can create your own Guild once you build the Guild Hall. You need to build the Mine level 1 to unlock the Guild Hall.

How do change Guilds?[]

Search for another Guild using the Search button at the bottom right of any Guild Hall tab. This UI also allows you to create a new Guild.

How do I leave the Guild I am in?[]

Your options are to switch to a new Guild, create your own Guild, or ask the leader of your current Guild to kick you out.

Why would I want to be in a Guild?[]

Guilds are the easiest way to join co-op matches. When you start a match, the game UI supplies a code you can give to friends to join your match. However, if you are a member of a Guild these are automatically shared with all of your guildmates in the Battle Invites tab of the Guild Hall.

Our Guild leader has been gone for a long time. What should we do?[]

If your Guild leader has been absent for more than 10 days, you can contact Support, requesting that they promote someone else to the position.


Is there a tier list for units[]

Yes. See Tier List.

How is the amount of XP or money you get from the shrines determined?[]

The amount is random within a range that depends on the monster level. The lowest amount is the most common and the highest is the rarest.

How do I increase the capacity of the Barracks and Armory?[]

You can buy capacity in the Resources section of the Shop.

What's with Amulets?[]

Amulets are relatively rare color-specific gear.  The game indicates they are "Used for 1st Ascension", which is true but confusing: they go in a gear slot like any other gear, and so that slot must be filled to Ascend (exception: 1-star heroes), but they also provide a stat buff for your character like any other gear.

What's the difference between Talent Tokens and Silver Talent Tokens?[]

Talent Tokens are used to unlock most hero Talents.  Silver Talent Tokens are used to unlock the additional Talent gained after Ascension.

Should I do the Dragon Chaser quests?[]

Absolutely! The reward for Dragon Chaser 2 is your first 5-star hero, which is well worth the effort.

Do co-op games count for the star ratings on quests?[]

They do if you you initiated the match. If your partner did instead, it will count only for them.

How do I gain Player Experience and level up?[]

Primarily through quest rewards. Visit the quest page (icon in top right corner of the main page) to see what quests are available to you.

What should I do with duplicate heroes?[]

You have several options:

A) In the Barracks, you can 'retire' a duplicate hero for some rainbow XP and a small amount of Soulstones which is used for Soul Summoning. It takes a long while to collect enough to do a Soul Summon, but this does offer access to some heroes you can't get any other way.

B) You can use multiple of the same hero on your team if you choose. Typically you'll want the variety of skills available from choosing all distinct heroes, but sometimes duplicates make sense.

C) Another situation you may use a duplicate heroes is when you are playing the Dragonspire event. Your primary heroes may become temporarily unavailable to use (within that Dragonspire climb) if they die during the event. If this happens, your duplicate may step in to fill the void.

Remember you can increase your Barracks capacity to hold more heroes on the Shop->Resources tab.

How do Heal-over-time and Damage-over-time status effects work?[]

- Bleeding and Internal Bleeding are Health-based and cumulative.

- Poisoned is Defense-based and not cumulative.

- Burning is Defense-based and not cumulative.

- Chilled is Health-based and not cumulative.

All damage-over-time statuses take effect in the end of turn, that means in the end of turn of whomever has the status, and all heal-over-time effects take effect in the beginning of turn. Activation order of those effects is such that when in doubt, no-one dies. In other words, Burning and Poisoned activate first; and Health-based DOT damage is rounded down to never kill anyone. All heal-over-time effects activate in the beginning of turn, so there too we apply the principle of when in doubt, no-one dies. (Wither also could belong to this group, because it is technically implemented as a DOT -- although it activates in the beginning of turn. There too, the principle of "when in doubt, no-one dies" applies, and HOTs tick after Wither.)

Hero Skills[]

Is Brutal Attack useless?[]

It's a highly specialized skill that only affects enemies that are healed by themselves or others.

Does Extra Time only activate when I am using the hero with this skill to position my team?[]

No. If this hero is alive and on your team, Extra Time is always active for any hero. And Extra Time from multiple heroes is cumulative.

What's the point in having multiple Venoms on the same hero?[]

Some enemies are resistant to poison, and discard 1 poison counter before receiving poison damage.

What exactly does Protector do?[]

Whenever the hero with this skill is healed, they are healed for 50% more than normal.

My Barbarian seems too fragile. Why?[]

Barbarians' unique damage reduction ability only activates on turns when they attack 3 or more enemies.

My hero's Push ability seems to not work occasionally. Why?[]

Enemies with Immovable or Big are immune to Push. You can't push an enemy into a wall, rubble, or another unit (friend or foe) with Immovable or Big.