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Town view showing energy at the top of the screen

Town view showing energy at the top of the screen

Energy, Co-op energy and Rank

Energy (yellow lightning bolt) is used to enter a solo battle. You gain energy from your Inn (See Town and Buildings). The maximum energy is limited by your Inn.

Any energy you gain from rewards can overflow beyond the maximum, but gaining a rank up will only fill up to the maximum. Gaining a rank up can be a strategic way to refill energy at lower levels.

You can use an acquired energy potion or buy energy from the shop - resources.

You can also enter most battles with co-op energy (pink lightning bolt). This is similar to normal energy, but you have a maximum of 5 energy and coop energy is only gained from: daily quests, co-op potions, shop - resources and co-op energy mystery chests (typically during events). After taking your turn you have the option to share the co-op with your Guild or the global Discord channel. Co-ops shared with your guild have 30 seconds delay where you can paste the code (automatically copied to your device clipboard) into a message app to share with a non-guildmate. Co-ops shared to Discord can be chosen by other players using the discord channel.

You can set options to inform your co-op partner about your playstyle and to restrict the colour and species of the your co-op partners heroes to match your leader.

Collecting a daily quest with co-op energy will not overflow your co-op energy and you will forfeit the co-op energy.

There is a third type of energy specifically for fighting Titans. See the titan page for more details.


See also Combat Basics

You choose up to 6 heroes to take to a battle depending on the type of battle and your Town Castle level. The left-most team space is for the leader and all the matching heroes will gain the leader skills of the leader. You can see the leader skills by holding the top left icons on the hero card. The other team spaces determine the position on the game map.

On your turn you move one hero on the game map. You have a time limit for your move, but you have unlimited time to plan a move. The time limit can be extended by taking heroes with specific talents.

You can swap places with another hero by moving your hero over the map tile that another hero is on. This works cardinally (up, down, left, right) and also diagonally. You cannot swap positions if you are blocked by monsters or map terrain.

Some heroes have Push or Tumble that can move monsters. You have to move that hero to be able to use push and tumble.

After you have moved, your heroes will activate in the order of last moved. So the hero you move will always activate first. The second hero to activate will be the hero you last swapped with.

Types of games[]

There are various types of game mode, including:

  • Campaign
  • Shrines (Red, Green, Blue, Light, Dark, Rainbow, Chromatic)
  • Rushes (Rainbow, Chromatic, Gold and Talent)
  • Dragonspire (levelled, Adventurer, Hero, Bronze, Silver and Gold)
  • Heroics
  • Titans (Steinschlag, Alpha and Omega)
  • Events

Server Time[]

Server reset is at UTC 05:00. This resets:

  • Daily Quests
  • Any gem ticket collection
  • Daily Shrine Colour

Event reset is typically UTC 11:00. This resets:

  • Weekly Quests on a Monday.
  • Heroic Dungeon
  • Shop contents.

Player Experience[]

Player level restricts the maximum level of heroes (and therefore ascension) and Town Castle level (and therefore other town buildings). It also affects your Dragon Pass rewards and the Dragonspire you enter (below level 75).

You obtain Player Experience from completing quests. Quests are explained below.


Heroes have different star ratings that affect their experience levelling cost, talent cost and availability. While higher star heroes are stronger overall, many lower star heroes can be used throughout the game, sometimes even being critical to success.

Heroes also have different colours (Red, Green, Blue, Light, Dark), species (Human, Elves, Dragons, Orcs and Dwarves) and Classes (Healer, Knight, Rogue etc)

1-3 star heroes can be summoned from the daily free summon or gold summon. 3-5 star heroes can be summoned from the premium summon. See summon portal for more details.


Each hero has 3 stats: Attack (atk), HP and Defence (def).

Attack is the stat used for calculating damage to an enemy. See Combat Basics for details. The attack stat is boosted by leader skills and damage can be increase with offensive talents.

HP is the amount of Hit Points a hero has remaining. A hero dies when they reach 0 HP. The amount of damage from a monster can be reduced by defensive talents.

Defence is the maximum HP that a hero can have. This can be reduced by a monster with Brutal Attack.

See mechanics for more details.


Levelling a hero increases their maximum attack and defence. Levelling is performed by collecting the correct colour experience (or rainbow experience) and pressing the level button on the hero card in the barracks. The maximum level of a base hero is 75.


Every hero has talents, skills that can increase damage output, reduce damage input or affect another part of gameplay.

The cost of talents depends on the star rating of the hero. 1-star hero's talents cost 1 normal Talent Token. 5-star hero's talents cost 5 normal talent tokens.

Talent tokens can be obtained form Campaign Chests, Events rewards, Daily Quests, Talent Rush.

See Talents and hero pages for more details.


Heroes can equip equipment to improve their stats and works towards ascension. Each piece of equipment gives 5% of the stat at the maximum level. Equipment can be obtained from Heroic Dungeons, Campaign Chests or as a reward.


Heroes can be ascended after you have equipped all of their equipment, levelled them to their ascension level and have enough gold. The equipment, level and gold depend on the star level of the hero.

Ascended heroes lose half their level and all of their equipment, but can learn an ascended talent and can be levelled to level 85. Ascended talents require Ascended Talent Tokens to learn. Some heroes can be ascended twice.

Ascended talent tokens can be obtained from weekly quests (after level 75), Campaign chests, dragonspire mid chest or brought from the shop during a talent rush.


The same hero can be merged together to either improve stats or give a mastery talent. 5 and 4-star heroes get 'split second' on first merge. And a different talent on merges 4, 5 or 10. 1-3-star heroes only get stat improvements. The maximum merge is 10 and is about 15% of stat points. You can see the stat improvement by holding the hero level on the hero card.


Guilds are groups that you join to chat and share co-ops with. Some events have Guild Quests too where the contribution of all guild members counts towards the limit.

Guilds are limited to 25 players. You cannot chose to be without a guild after you have joined one. You must either join a different guild, be kicked by the guild leader or be inactive for 7 days.


The Barracks is where your heroes are kept. You can sort and filter all of your heroes with buttons at the top. Then you can look at hero cards and level, equip or talent a hero.

Town Buildings[]

The town has 6 buildings you can upgrade with gold (Castle, Inn, Guild Hall, Armoury, Mine and Alchemist), the Summon Portal and the Vault.

The Castle allows higher level buildings to be built and provide extra heroes per team and stored teams.

The Inn produces Energy and set the capacity of energy you can store.

The Alchemist produces Rainbow Experience which can be used to level up any colour of hero.

The Mine produces Gold. Gold is used to improve buildings, ascend heroes and summon from the gold summon.

The Armoury stores equipment and the level of the armoury determines what star of hero can be ascended. Extra armoury space can be brought from the shop - resources.

The Vault stores game items like Gold, hero experience, fortune coins, talent tokens, energy potions, soul stones, titan coins, dust and dragon signets. Some of this stores can be upgraded to hold more by spending your existing maximum store. E.g. expand gold storage from 30,000 to 45,000 by spending 30,000 gold

Dragon Pass[]

The Dragon Pass is a monthly selection of tiered rewards that you progress through by collecting Dragon Signets. Each level requires 10 Dragon Signets to progress (or 100 gems). You receive Dragon Signets from completing Daily, Weekly, Event and Campaign Quests. After the Dragon Pass expires you collect Rainbow Experience and Gold proportional to the amount of dragon signets you collected. You can get 1000 Rainbow Experience and 200 Gold per Dragon Signet.

The Dragon Pass has two sides, a free and a paid side. The paid side gives greater rewards, but still requires the unlocking of tiers as above.

The dragon pass rewards vary depending on player level.

Discord Link[]

Discord is an instant messaging app. You can join the Friends and Dragons server by clicking on the link. Here you can discuss the various parts of the game with other players, support staff and even developers.


Occasionally you receive messages from the game. They are stored here until you read and collect the item. Some events might not start without you collecting the item in the message.


Co-op options

Co-op options

This lists your ongoing co-op games. Co-ops last for 24 hours since the last turn was played. You can start a co-op and then leave before playing a turn to 'hold' it and continue within 24 hours. You can remove co-ops from your list here too, but it doe not remove it for the other player and they might not be able to join another guild co-op with you. There is no limit to the number of co-ops you can have ongoing.

You can share co-ops as above.


Quests can be completed for rewards, including Player Experience. There are three tabs, Campaign, Daily and Events (This includes weekly events)

The regular way to level up is to collect quest rewards that have Player Experience. You can complete 7 daily quests for 700 player experience per day.

Special Events also have many Event Quests that can give event currency and equipment.

VIP level[]

VIP level

VIP level

Playing the game and buying paid items will give you VIP points to raise your VIP level. VIP levels give: Autobattler, Exclusive shop offers, 5* kickstarter offers, extra talent token stock in shop, extra equipment stock in shop, titles, VIP portrait borders, access to levels above your player level.

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