Friends and Dragons Wiki

The campaign is a series of 30 chapters, increasing in difficulty, where you will learn to fight new enemies and get various rewards by completing stages or accumulating crowns.

List of chapters[]

Chapter Name Crown chest* H-level chest
1 Retaking the town Gems
2 Storming the Orc Camp Talent Token
3 Caverns of the Abyss Talent Token
4 Lowlands Bog Talent Token
5 Ruins of Old Magic Talent Token
6 Cleaning the Hive Talent Token
7 Gate of Light Talent Token
8 Blighted Forest Talent Token
9 Desecrated Boneyard Talent Token
10 Lair of the Crones Talent Token
11 Manor of Eternity Talent Token
12 Temple of Lost Souls Talent Token
13 Spooky Forest Talent Token
14 Mountain Watchtower Talent Token
15 Lost Oasis of Venu Talent Token
16 Forlorn Marshes Talent Token
17 Burning Rivers Radiant Amulet of Fire
18 Zunnram Stockades Radiant Amulet of Earth
19 The Wall of Zunnram Keep Radiant Amulet of Sea
20 Travelling Caravan Radiant Amulet of Sun 6-2 Epic Ingredient
21 Sunlit Pyramid Radiant Amulet of Moon
22 Arachnida Legendary Hammer 6-5 Mythic Axe
23 Primordia Legendary Dagger 2-4 Mythic Tabard, 3-3H Mythic Boots, 5-2 Mythic Cloth Armor, 6-1 Mythic Leather Armor
24 Sulfur Pits Legendary Crossbow 2-3 Mythic Herb, 6-1 Mythic Scepter
25 Frozen Plains Legendary Bow 1-4 Mythic Orb, 5-4 Mythic Crystal, 6-4 Mythic Tome
26 Badland Dunes Legendary Staff 1-3 Mythic Shield, 6-4 Mythic Blade
27 Elysian Fields Legendary Wand 2-3 Mythic Knuckles, 3-4 Mythic Vial, 6-3 Mythic Grimoire
28 Windstorm Cove 3-5 Mythic Bolts, 4-3 Mythic Ingredients, 7-2 Mythic Arrrow
29 Ambush at Narngan Creek
30 Alley of Thieves

H-level chests[]

Beating some hard levels will allow access to a chest. Typcally, brown chests are normal talent tokens, green chests are ascended talent tokens and red are equipment.

Crown chests[]

Achieving 3 crowns on all levels on a map will open the crown chest at the top of the map with significant rewards. All crown chests give *Rainbow XP as well as the item listed in the table above.