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Once a hero fulfills all of the following requirements, they can be ascended from the gear tab of the hero. Gear tab also lists the requirements that have not yet been fulfilled.

  • Level of the hero is
    • 25 for a 1* hero
    • 30 for a 2* hero
    • 35 for a 3* hero
    • 40 for a 4* hero
    • 50 for a 5* hero
  • All the gear slots of the hero have been filled
  • All the talents (talent slots) have been unlocked

The ascensions costs some gold (1000/2500/5000/20000/50000 depending of the stars of the hero).

Note: Ascension halves the hero level, rounded up. After ascension the xp cost for raising heroes is higher per level.


  • Ascended hero gains a new talent that can be unlocked using the 'Ascended talent tokens' (silver talent tokens). The talent cost is similar to the basic talents, that is 1 silver talent token for 1* heros, 5 silver talent tokens for 5* heroes. See Hero talents
  • Attack and Defense values of the hero improve. See Hero Stats
  • Hero level cap raises from 75 to 85. Note that the level of the heroes can't be higher than the level of the player.

When to ascend, who to ascend[]

There's seldom a good time to ascend your best heroes. After all, you need them at battle. But note that you are not in hurry to ascend the heroes. Heroes at your current maximum level are already very good without ascension.

There are two limiting factors in the ascensions. The first one is gear. You need 6 pieces of gear (3 for 1* heroes). You can play for a long time without seeing the last required gear for some hero. The color specific amulets are also typically in short supply. The second limiting factor is the silver talent tokens. Those are rare, especially in the early parts of the game.

It makes sense to give the gear to your best heroes. They already get the benefits from wearing the gear, even if they don't get a full set for a long time. Once someone gets a full set, ascend them on the day of the week when you can get xp of that color, and try to raise them back as high as possible. Consider using some co-op bottles to get more battles for that day. Continue during the weekend with rainbow xp.

Ascending low level characters with good ascension talents (such as Jules, Jade, Thunderclaw, Roderick, ...) makes those heroes very useful in the battle and you can level them much cheaper than the higher star level heroes. It's also much easier to ascend the 1* heroes as they need only 3 pieces of gear (and no amulet). Buying the new talent for lower level characters is also cheaper.